Stacked Saucer Pendant Light

Stacked Saucer Pendant Light


Richard Haining

These Stacked Saucer shaped pendants were created piece by piece, layer upon layer, carefully controlling for both the wall thickness as well as the overall profile. Once complete, the exterior surfaces were gently sculpted smooth using a variety of hand held tools; while the interiors have been flash gilded with a gold mica powder, adding a reflective quality and highlighting the faceted contours.

The finished Saucer pendant is suspended from the canopy plate using 1/16" black aircraft cable and is fully adjustable within the provided length of cable. The cotton covered cord hosts a standard ceramic E26 base and is shown with an oversized G200 lighbulb. 

Although the salvaged wood offers one-of-a-kind patterns reminiscent of basketry or mosaic tile work, the overall shape, quantity, scale, and material choices of Richard’s STACKED Pendants are customizable upon request.

Shown here in both salvaged Cherry and in salvaged Walnut. 

22"diameter x 9-1/2"tall

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