Pagoda Lighting

Pagoda Lighting


Sabrina Landini.

A style in its own way, incomparable, where art and design demonstrate their true and unique character. 

A completely new shape where the seams glide and open towards a smooth and sinuous base. 

The Pagoda table lamp is inspired by the inner peace 

It is a contemporary sculptural object, handmade in 100% in Sabrina Landini's atelier in Pietrasanta.

The lamp is recommended on a console or on the desk of a reception area, to decorate and illuminate an elegant master bedroom or a lady's dressing room.

The brass structure, made in brass casting, offers the view of a sinuous silhouette with a smooth golden finish entirely by hand.

The lampshade has a long hand process that starts from the hand winding of each metal strip with a soft cotton ribbon and continues with the hand stitching of the fabric in silk satin or linen gauze with care and slowness. The crystal tip is silvered with the special and secret treatment of Sabrina Landini.

Dimensions:H 25.2 in. x Dm 13.39 in.

May be customed for size and color of fabric.

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