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Gabriel Wiese's Cork Art

Born in Magdeburg, Germany, artist Gabriel Wiese discovered the potential of cork in furniture and object construction. After leaving school he began studying to be a cabinetmaker in Cadolzburg, reflecting on the design of particular pieces. Design and construction technique experiments led him to a number of projects. 1994 saw the creation of works of art using wood chips, hair, stones and cork. This eventually led to covering existing furniture with cork, creating new forms using steel infrastructures and cork veneers, and building works of nothing but cork.GabrielWiese   Gabriel WieseDuring the process, he created different cork processing effects and put them into practice. His goal has been in "changing the simple stopper into an object of art." Intensely occupied with the wine cork, he has created an original art form from the medium of repurposed corks. Wiese likes, in particular, the history of the cork, its passage from an old tree in Portugal to finally the neck of a bottle in St. Emilion. “Now it is assigned a new history, a new meaning”, states Wiese.Sessel SK15600 ChairSesselSK156000  


Stool, 2016  

CorkChair2005Cork Chair, 2005


K800 Lamp   LampK800

Wiese’s chairs and lamps have been popular auction items online at, a leading resource for the international art market.His work has also appeared at such galleries as the Lois Lambert Gallery of Functional Art, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA, Peter Neumann Gallery, Basel, Switzerland, Designpavillion, New York, and Berlin Artists Going Live (BAGL) 2010, among others. Carpets, chairs, pictures, tables, chessboards, and clothing are among the many objects that Wiese has made from recycled cork bottle stoppers.WeiseWearableArtGabriel Wiese lives and works in Thuringia, Germany.SaveSaveSave