What does “recycled furniture” bring to mind?

Parisi SofaLivin' PopIf you think of Eco-friendly furnishings as funny, quirky or somehow less than beautiful or elegant, then maybe you’ve missed a whole chapter in sustainable design. It’s exploding onto the interior design scene in sneaky and wonderful ways. I dare you to look at any of EcoFirstArt sofas and declare that they “look recycled.While I’m game for anything made from anything, at EcoFirstArt, you won’t see water-bottle specials or weird materials whose only redeeming feature is their upgraded second life . You’ll see beauty, elegance, imagination, sleek design and comfort. And if you want quirky, you’ll find unique, wildly creative pieces that delight the imagination. It’s all here and it’s all sustainable.The ManhattanWhether it’s from our site or somewhere else, I encourage you to read, explore and shop around for beautiful recycled furnishings. They’re only getting better and all things being equal, if you could choose sustainable over non-sustainable, wouldn’t you?

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