Sustainable Art Brings More To Your Home

HibiscusBella VitaI love working with fine artists. I could listen to them talk about their work all day. What’s special about the artists featured at EcoFirstArt is the way they challenge themselves. Our artists put extra restrictions on their work by using only eco-friendly and recycled materials…whether it means limiting a color palette to organic pigments, clay and minerals, confining sculptural material to found objects, painting exclusively with rescued house paint from recycling centers, or sculpting wall art from hand-carved sustainable wood. Our artists embrace these challenges and more to stretch their creativity and discover not only new modes of expression, but innovative new production processes as well. Button DogBurning Sun SculptureThe result is something really special to put in your home. On a table, hanging from your wall or standing under a spotlight, you can have art that’s beautiful, sustainable and makes you feel good. As for me, I’m never done shopping and dreaming, always looking for excuses to acquire some new treasure. Recently I commissioned a small piece of art glass from a local craftsman to install in a problematic window on my stairway. I am dying to see the finished product and will share it with you in a future blog post. So whether you’re an art maker or an art lover, try expanding your horizons and explore eco-friendly art that will sustain your soul and the earth.

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