Keeping Work In The USA

Irie Cedar RockerWhile we Americans were busy making money in the ‘80s and paying lip-service to the green movement, our manufacturers got busy shipping more of their craft overseas. The pendulum, I’m happy to say, is now swinging back towards sustainable design. Artisans are taking charge and making furniture their way. And they’re doing it right here at home. I have been encouraged and enriched by the crafts people I deal with at EcoFirstArt. Their talent drives our business and their work is superb.We have woodworkers from Colorado to Kentucky, upholsterers from Michigan to Texas, and artists from California to Vermont, just to name a few. Listen to what furniture maker Jason Lutz and artist Kim Fonder say about their craft and selling their products through EcoFirstArt.Bella VitaWhen I hear from one of our artists or furniture makers that EcoFirstArt provided a tipping point for them to keep working as artists and support themselves, I am thrilled that we are realizing one of our key missions: to support independent artisans and keep jobs in the USA. These artists are working to sustain the environment and EcoFirstArt is proud to help sustain their enterprises.Wherever you are shopping for your home, try adopting a goal of buying goods made domestically and by small artisanal companies. It will feel good and you’ll doubtless have an adventure along the way!

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