Good Design IS Sustainable Design

Sustainable design… what else is there? I made the green shift long ago and now, when it comes to home furnishings, I don’t think of eco-friendly as an extra bonus or a nice-to-have. I think of it as a necessity. And if you picture landfills brimming with cheaply made sofas and cracked plastic deck chairs, you’ll agree.Eco First Art Edward Wormley For DunbarEco First Art Wooden ChairThe American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) reports that sustainable design is the fastest growing segment of our industry and “recognizes that sustainability should be an essential part of the interior designer's professional responsibilities.”Not only do I believe it’s the right, no – the only, thing to do… I believe it’s something we’re entitled to. It’s part of a healthy lifestyle to have beauty in your home. Beautiful furniture, lighting, accents and art don’t have to cost a fortune and now, they don’t have to be anything other than sustainable.Eco First Art 3 KidsStarting EcoFirstArt was one of those decisions that just keeps getting confirmed every time I see a new exhibit, read an article or discover an artist. It’s a concept has come. EcoFirstArt supports high design, it supports the environment, and it supports an alternative economy of local artisans. We’re slowly but surely bringing back jobs to the U.S. by contracting with designers, artisans and visual artists who produce hand-crafted, eco-friendly furniture, lighting, accents and art. Come see our beautifully sustainable furnishings today.