Bringing Together Artists From All Fields

Tuxedo Sofa in the manner of Edward WormleyOne of my greatest joys at EcoFirstArt is getting to know and work with furniture makers, artists and other artisans across every area of home furnishing and décor.Butterfly Pendant LampI knew I was on to something when the idea resonated with Elle Décor magazine west coast regional director Joanne Medeiros. Joanne and Elle Décor* recognized the “unusual assortment of talent and visual eyes” that bring new interpretations to green or sustainable design.And why not? Your furniture, lighting, accents and art can all be sustainable.Joanne also confirmed my belief that good design and sustainable design are synonymous. Most importantly she confirmed that this belief is not just held by industry insiders but by today’s young consumers who want to furnish their homes sustainably and leave a legacy for their children.tableAncestral GlowThe artists and crafts people our collection represents are too numerous to list. There are mid-century sofas, transitional and contemporary upholstered furniture, sleek tables and chairs, unique sustainable wood pieces, amazingly innovative lighting and accents made from every sustainable material you can imagine, and art that is as varied as our artists.

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