"Zimesanas Stunda" (drawing lesson)

"Zimesanas Stunda" (drawing lesson)


Artist: Tatyana Palchuk

Born in Riga, now she lives and works in Lativa.
Perfection of detail and a special color freshness donate to the work of Tatyana Palchuk a tremendous value in the international art scene . The themes are those of the still life, the drawing that accompanies every moment of her life: subjects masterfully developed with canny representativeness . The result is valid pictorial realizations designed to enhance the beauty and nobility of objects, women's bodies in poses persuasive, animals. Everything is here sublimated by the expressive power of art that in her has a taste of ancient and perhaps that seems eternal. Without any doubt an excellent exponent of contemporary realism.

Size: 39.37 W x 43.31 in H

Medium: Oil on Linen

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