Stacked Cherry Hood Ornament

Stacked Cherry Hood Ornament


Richard Haining

This vessel has not been turned on a lathe. It was hand-built hollow, STACKED piece by piece, layer by layer, all the while controlling the wall thickness as well as the profile. This vase was made using reclaimed cherry sourced and salvaged from a variety of local Brooklyn wood shops. The wood's natural coloring shows off warm tones ranging dark oranges to light browns and reds, with a scattering of pale sapwood interspersed. There is no stain involved, but due to cherry's inherent qualities, this piece will darken over time. Once complete, the surface was gently sculpted smooth using a variety of hand held tools, resulting in a finely honed finish with slight undulations, similar to that of hand-built ceramics.

13-3/4”w x 6-1/2”dx 14-1/4”h

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