Our Journey

Our Journey


Pauline Barrett

Name of piece: ‘OUR JOURNEY’

In our society today, the triviality of everyday life often obscures what is of greater importance.It is so hard to believe that something can be taken for granted and wasted by so many and yet be such an invaluable lifesaving resource that is so far out of reach to others.The vast number of women and children affected by an inadequate supply or lack of proper access to a clean source of water is astounding. The countless millions of hours spent collectingwater, the distance that has to be travelled and the perilous conditions these women have toendure in order to find it on a daily basis is staggering.

With “Our Journey,” I wanted to create a thought-provoking piece to draw attention to this plight and to be a voice for those women who cannot speak so that all of us can hear their desperate, silent cries for help.

Dimensions: 46” x 47”

Materials: Textiles

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