Our Philosophy

Environmentally Friendly Fine Art, Furniture, Rugs, Lighting, and Accents.

EcoFirstArt features eco-friendly fine art, furniture, lighting, and accessories. The pieces are created from items such as reused products, recycled materials, and ecologically sustainable resources. Our goal is to support the Green Movement and the efficient use of the planet’s resources. We hope to contribute to society's changing mentality toward the disposability of objects while still promoting aesthetic appeal. Our website provides an avenue for artists to deliver ecologically-based art to people everywhere.

People sometimes believe that eco-friendly items can’t be luxurious or that they lack artistic value. The artists represented at EcoFirstArt produce some of the most striking, unique, and creative artworks that can be found anywhere. This site was designed with architects, interior designers, and clients in mind to help connect them to these artists and their beautiful creations. We exclusively offer pieces custom made by artisans in North America using Sustainable Woods, Organic Materials and - wherever possible - recycled materials.

EcoFirstArt was founded by ambitious entrepreneur Janeen Swing. Her passion for luxurious interiors and fine furnishings collided with her interest in ensuring that sustainability and eco-friendly practices were part of her industry. Her mission? To offer an online destination where designers, architects, businesses, and individuals alike had ready access to artisan goods made with love, care, and compassion.

We believe our dynamic talent, collaborative spirit and history of achievement will create tomorrow’s heirlooms. Through iconic and progressive luxury design, we aim to inspire and engage our clients, people, and world culture.