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Painted Cello

Painted Cello
    Code: 2AJCOL1
    Price: $8,000.00
    Dimensions: Cello
    Materials: Recycled Materials.
    Anna hand painted this cello in response to a commission from cellist Natalie Clein. She loved the idea of marrying a painting to a musical instrument andhas always enjoyed the work of artists such as Kandinsky and Klimt, both of whom were very inspired by music to create new forms in painting. Listening toBach's solo cello suites as an inspiration Anna let this inform the initial mapping of her painting.Anna's choice of colour and the application of broken lines are intended to convey the resonance of the music and the dynamic of Natalie's movement.Three gold bands on the cello represent the three elements that come together:the cello itself, Anna's painting and Natalie's playing. They combine and fuse together to create a totally unique experience.This piece was showcased and played by Natalie for the first time at the Wallace Collection, as part of "Resonances" four events organised by sounduk