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Boca do Lobo Diamond Modern Design Sideboard

Boca do Lobo Diamond Modern Design Sideboard
    Code: 1SDCAB1
    Price: $36,220.00
    Dimensions: 32.3"H x 70.2"W x 23.4"D
    Materials: Sustainable and Organic Materials
    This exceptional sideboard is brilliant in every way. The Diamond sideboard was designed and handcrafted by Boca do Lobo in Rio Tinto, Portugal. It takes several master artisans many weeks to complete just one of these extraordinary gems. When appearing before our eyes, "Diamond" captures us entirely. It stops us in our tracks, makes us forget time and space. The bold and multi-faceted diamond-like sideboard glitters like a jewel in a room. Boca do Lobo's Diamond is a decorative masterpiece functioning as an art object, sculpture, decorative icon and perhaps its original purpose...a sideboard. This sideboard has s brilliant finish and it is varnished with a high shine. The exceptionally rich color was specially developed for this sideboard. Its feet and inner structure are finished with luxurious gold leaf. This sideboard is part of the limited edition by Boca Do Lobo. Diamond is a magnificent collectors piece and a great addition to any collection, be it a collection of exceptional furniture or contemporary art.