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Hot Roll Steel and Wenge Bench

Hot Roll Steel and Wenge Bench
    Code: 90KFTB35
    Price: $2,200.00
    Dimensions: 19" H, 23" W, 33" L
    Materials: Organic Material
    I became fascinated with the juxtaposition of wood and steel many years ago. I love how exotic wood plays off of the icy blue cold roll steel. Each type of wood, as well as each particular piece of wood, has itís own energy. The wenge wood used for this bench came from Africa. I got the wood from a gentleman who personally goes to all of the sites hand selects pieces. His selections are made with ďgreen strategiesĒ, meaning he selects only fallen wood, and pieces already subjected whatever may have occurred in the environment. The bench is a combination of steel and wenge wood. Steel is strong, yet pliable through fire. The fire, in the case of hot roll, create a luminous bluing. After heating the steel to mould its shape. The steels pores in places, become open to the air, and often times oxidation will occur. Steel, though hard and seemingly impliable, is open to change. But the changes that occur, only enhance itís beauty over time. Wenge has a very strong history, often used for ceremonial masks and for statues by tribes from itís native Africa.