"Compound Grace"
Code: 2ETDIN178
Price: $6,500.00
"Mesa Baum" table by Julia Krantz
Code: 7051DTBL36
Price: $18,000.00
'Magritte' Coffee Table
Code: 7051DCFE1934
Price: $7,800.00
1700's Single Plank Cabin Door Coffee Table
Code: 158BSTBL1
Price: $15,000.00
1950's Sculptural Driftwood Table
Code: 7051DCFE28946
Price: $6,600.00
1970's Mother of Pearl End Table
Code: 7051DEND1035
Price: $2,500.00
19th Century French Oak Wine Cellar Table on wheels
Code: 7051DTBL8934
Price: $4,050.00
A carved side table
Code: 7051DTBL29
Price: $1,250.00
Ace of Clubs Table
Code: 29JMTBL1
Price: $3,500.00
Alder Kiss
Code: 403BCDIN1
Price: $6,900.00
Alta Table
Code: 36CLDIN1
Price: $12,360.00