Huaso Dining Table

Huaso  Dining Table

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    El Huaso "Chilean Free Horseman" - Although the term huaso can be used in a negative connotation, the term likely derives from "huasu", meaning "from the back of an animal". They can readily be likened to the cowboys of old and are vital to Chilean folklore. You can see huasos in their best, riding in parades and dancing the cueca at fiestas and holidays. Our El Huaso dining table features sturdy, tapering legs and classic plank tabletop with optional inlay band. Custom Sizes available. Shown in Nogal Antique Finish. Can also be made in a soft gray or blue azul finish.
    Code: 31DIN1
    Price: $3,490.00
    Dimensions: 60" L x 36" W x 30" H
    Materials: Sustainable and Organic Materials