Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table
Code: 24TBL2
Price: $1,500.00
Nebula Table
Code: 11TBL2
Price: $3,000.00
Toboggan Table
Code: 12TBL19
Price: $1,700.00
High Crocus Table - Cherry
Code: 1TBL11
Price: $2,500.00
Large Toboggan Table
Code: 9TBL6
Price: $2,400.00
Italian Mosaic Tile Top Op Art Coffee Table
Code: 13TBL23
Price: $4,800.00
Console in the Manner of Harvey Probber
Code: 94CNS1
Price: $6,500.00
Rare Black Walnut Free Form Coffee Table
Code: 98TBL78
Price: $4,200.00
Solid Maples Dining Table
Code: 31TBL25
Price: $3,700.00