Arabesque Occasional Table
Code: 23TBL47
Price: $3,300.00
Sculptural Table in the manner of Ico Parisi
Code: 94TBL5
Price: $6,500.00
Branch Table
Code: 34TBL61
Price: $2,700.00
Storage multi-layer wood pouf
Code: 52PFX5
Price: $3,000.00
Low round coffee table
Code: 96TBL1
Price: $5,500.00
Sfera Table in the manner of Ron Gilad
Code: 86HTC84
Price: $4,100.00
Boomerang Crystal Table
Code: 46TBC85
Price: $4,100.00
Otto Walnut table
Code: 73TBL49
Price: $6,000.00
Icon Table
Code: 95TBL49
Price: $7,500.00
Intersected Coctail Table
Code: 02TBL91
Price: $4,500.00
Surf-Ace Table
Code: 98TBS84
Price: $6,100.00