Sugar Maple Taffy Table
Code: 173DHTBL3
Price: $2,100.00
Sycamore Dining Table I
Code: 675DSTBL2
Price: $12,000.00
Code: 27SADTBL1
Price: $2,700.00
Table for My Tribe
Code: 230EWTBL2
Price: $5,000.00
Taffy Legged Console
Code: 173DHTBL2
Price: $3,100.00
The Brooklyn Table
Code: 82JSTBL10
Price: $3,200.00
The Broom Table
Code: 6EDDIN5
Price: $7,200.00
The Dragnet Table
Code: 570SMDIN1
Price: $1,550.00
The Drip Table
Code: 6EGDIN1
Price: $8,000.00
The Enterprise
Code: 262SRTBL1
Price: $10,000.00
The Exhibitionist
Code: 4TJTBL1
Price: $9,500.00
The Halma Man Table
Code: 37SSDE1
Price: $3,800.00