50's Inspired Curved Sofa
Code: 6DHSFA289374
Price: $8,850.00
American 1950s Sofa with Black Saber Legs
Code: 40SFA782
Price: $6,600.00
Arabella Sofa
Code: 38SFA1
Price: $7,200.00
Brampton Pleated Sofa
Code: 46SFA1
Price: $6,700.00
Bristol Sectional Sofa
Code: 6DHSFA7384
Price: $8,900.00
Ceniza Sectional Sofa
Code: 40VASFA1
Price: $14,500.00
Craft Sofa
Code: 75SFA6
Price: $6,100.00
Curved Sofa Attributed to Federico Munari
Code: 8SFA2
Price: $7,200.00
Curved Sofa with Teak Legs
Code: 10SFA5
Price: $7,200.00
Dorian Sofa
Code: 6DHSFA83748
Price: $8,800.00
Elegant  Sofa in the Manner of Sister Parish
Code: 9SFA7485
Price: $7,500.00
Even-Arm Sofa
Code: 38SF890
Price: $6,500.00