New Listings

Walnut and Travertine Coffee Table
Code: 66CFE092
Price: $5,200.00
Modern Italian Dining Table
Code: 39DNG823
Price: $9,800.00
Parco dei Principi Loveseat
Code: 29LVS501
Price: $7,400.00
Parco dei Principi Armchairs
Code: 88ARMCH10
Price: $8,400.00
The Infinite Table
Code: 57SDE03
Price: $4,200.00
D.153.1 Armchair
Code: 53ARMCH153
Price: $7,000.00
Nautical Armchair in the Manner of Ponti
Code: 92ARMCH20
Price: $6,500.00
Small Table After Gio Ponti
Code: 73SDE292
Price: $6,500.00
GeoGio  Armchair
Code: 59ARMCH209
Price: $8,000.00
Gio Sofa
Code: 93SFA389
Price: $7,200.00
Alchemy Console
Code: 39CON481
Price: $7,000.00
Gabriel Sideboard
Code: 64SID468
Price: $8,400.00