One for Two in the manner of Stefan Heiliger
Code: 16CHR71
Price: $6,500.00
Sao Paulo Garden Chair
Code: 58CHR84
Price: $4,800.00
Code: 29CIR15
Price: $6,300.00
Santa Monica Wingchair
Code: 72CHR4
Price: $7,100.00
Lima Armchair
Code: 39CHR55
Price: $5,750.00
Miguel Armchair
Code: 29CHR8
Price: $5,200.00
Voiture Chair
Code: 19CHR52
Price: $8,200.00
Lazy fabric wingchair with footstool
Code: 96CHR81
Price: $4,800.00
Brinley Chair
Code: 62CHR5
Price: $5,800.00
Lounge Chairs in the manner of Harvey Probber
Code: 13CHR5
Price: $7,800.00
Will Club Chair
Code: 91CHR2
Price: $5,700.00